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Private Proxy Ban

Hi Everyone!

I've had a few of my private proxies banned and wanted to know how can I help the situation with not getting anymore banned? My checking/submission threads is at 50 and scraping/search is at 10. I also have 30 private proxies right now. Thanks!


  • Banned where?
  • huggies12huggies12 United States
    Banned where?
    Those IP addresses were banned for scraping. Not sure if that answers your question
  • In google?
  • huggies12huggies12 United States
    In google?
    It starts off getting banned in other search engines and then gets banned in google later. I am running a good amount until it gets banned.
  • what search engine r u using ? most of time google banned when proxy used 1 time. try bing or yahoo ,  those 2 work perfect. 
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  • You need to decrease scraping threads and increase wait time between searches until your proxies stop getting banned. You are searching too frequently.
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