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CB stops working after a while

Hi @Sven, I've recently purchased Captcha Breaker and noticed that around 24 hours or less it stops solving captchas for SER.

When the bug occurs, In SER if I click “check balance” it will return the Captcha Breaker's “connection ok” message.Trying to solve the internal Captcha will fail instead.
Rebooting Captcha Breaker recovers the functionality. Then it happens again at some point.

Do you believe it's OS related? If you recommend any OS before you leave, I'll try it and see if the issue is solved. Windows Server 2012?

Else, let me know what kind of info I can send to get help.

Thanks, and have a good time!


  • SvenSven
    I never heard of this issue before. What OS are you using right now?
  • Right now, I'm running Windows 10. 
  • SvenSven
    should work fine. Any other tools like firewalls or anti virus that might block things?
  • It's a clean Windows 10 64bit installation. This machine is only running SER, Captcha Breaker, Jarvee and a Python script.

    I'll try to reinstall windows and all the software and do some more testing and update you.

    In the meanwhile, thank you for the suggestions.
  • I've been running on windows server 2019 for a few days, and it's working fine.

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