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GSA is not working in wordpress

I use GSA for my PBN maintenance and posting. It seems like after the latest update WordPress engine is not working anymore. Outof  350 domains, I get 0 links, but I used to get 280-290 each time before. @Sven , what happens in this latest update? It's kind of urgent. How to roll back in the older version or if possible please fix the issue.


  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    For your kind information. All of my website use lasted wp. So if it's the latest WordPress issue, then how to solve it? And for builders, it's mixed. Few domains have elementor, and few of them have Gutenberg. 
  • SvenSven
    please provide an account to the sites in private message and i have a look tomorrow.
  • slranaslrana Bangladesh
    Check inbox. i send my complete list
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