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various sources using bing site search now working?

I noticed a few of the sources use a site search via bing and im not getting any results from using a bunch of various very broad keywords

ap sense 
article cube x2
article city
article factory

[12:06:05] Starting "Scraping Articles (search/custom)"...
[12:06:06] Starting "Removing duplicate content"...
[12:06:06] Starting "Filtering Content"...
[12:06:06] Starting "Generating Articles"...
[12:06:06] MixParagraph: extracting paragraphs and titles from 0 data sets...
[12:06:06] MixParagraph: extracted 0 paragraphs
[12:06:06] Amount of words from all data sets: 0
[12:06:06] Not enough unused content left. There where 0 new articles created.
[12:06:06] Sorry, not enough content to create any article. Try to select more sources or use more keywords.
[12:06:07] Finished.


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