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SmeklinisSmeklinis XXX
edited July 2022 in Other / Mixed
So I bought this service for Recaptcha solving - as advertised on its website:
It was a 100 threads plan.
After testing I found it does not support Recaptcha at all, so asked for a refund on the same day:
Was waiting for some time for support to respond - seems he ignores me. Later my tickets went in the "Closed" state:
Opened a case on Paypal - he ignoring Paypal's emails also. After opening a case my bought threads number on his site's dashboard went from 100 to 0.
The problem was described clearly to Paypal with screenshots - my case was closed to the scammer's favor.



  • SvenSven
    I guess with "support for recaptcha" means that they support the old, discontinued recaptcha v1 where you usually had two words on an image to enter the text for. They never updated there website to remove this or point out that recaptcha v2,v3 is not meant here.
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