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Link not indexing

Hello my name is Joseph Benson I have been creating good links, but I notice my backlink profile is not increasing, my setup is made up of GSA SER, GSA Indexer and GSA captcha breaker, I have dedicated proxies and catcha-all mails setup and purchase verify link from gsaserlist, I have a vps with 6 core processor but nothing is working, links where submitted and getting verify successfully and no link where added to my website backlink profile, nothing is index please I need help indexing links please.


  • You should use some paid indexer. But it does not means your links will be indexed. To get it in Google index you need good content. If you use unreadable and not unique content - forget about indexing.
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  • jossybensonjossybenson Nigeria
    edited August 2022
    Smeklinis thank you for your reply I really appreciate, all my content are unique properly written, you can check it out here to confirm what am saying:
  • You have to use a good indexer service. Indexing has become near impossible during the last months.

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  • Nefelim thank you so much for your reply, please do you have any indexing service you can recommend.
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