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2Captcha Solve-Fail Ratio of Less Than 1% In GSA SER

AntiMonitorAntiMonitor Spain
edited July 2022 in Need Help
Hello people of this forum!
Recently I have realised that my primary service for solving captchas in GSA SER campaigns (2Captcha) has a less than 1% solve-fail ratio (Not "detectad as wrong", but "failer captcha").
Are these normal numbers? If not, which changes should I make?

Also, is there any recommended Captcha Solving Service for GSA SER that does not work via credits, but via time of usage? 



  • AliTabAliTab
    that solve-fail ratio looks great. You can go with XEvil if you want to pay less. one-time fee and after 3 months, a $10 monthly subscription.
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