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Scripting new disposable email engines

Seeing that the disposable emails supplied by all seem to be dead at the moment, and I use them regularly when scripting and testing, I thought I'd try to add some new email engines to SER. I've found several disposable email providers that seem scriptable but instead of giving full urls to access each email I would have to extract a key and use that key in a GET request.

Eg. for you would use this url to get the message list:

and from the returned data we can extract a key, eg

which then is used to get the mail content by adding it to the initial url, eg

Looking at the current workflow for email engines this doesn't look possible, as in the engines I've looked at a full url needs to be extracted. Is there any way around this or another method?


  • SvenSven
    This can easily added with present syntax. I have done that for next update.
    Thanked by 1cherub
  • Sounds good, I will have a look after the weekend
  • I see in the newest version this has been added, and looking at the engine the command I needed was 'url_add front'. I should be able to script some others now. Is this command also available for normal engines?
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  • SvenSven
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