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GSA Proxy Scraper questions

@sven I just bought the software and also went through the video tutorial.

In the video tutorial on your product page, there is a "google“ tag in orange colour to extract Google passed proxies (i assume this means proxies that can scrape Google search engine's results)

my software interface:

this is my setting for GSA proxy scraper

What I would like to do is:
1. Keep GSA PS running on autopilot to feed Scrapebox to scrape lists for GSA SER
2. Based on the screenshot above, I am getting GSAPS to run every 15mins:
- Run only if there are less than 500 working proxies against Google search engine
-If runned, then stop when there is more than 200 new working poxies

"Use a proxy when testing", for this, what should I select? All?

And since this is on autopilot, for the testing "test proxies against", I selected "Google search"

And for the check box, "re-test also present working proxies", I should be selecting "google tag" (as per your video tutorial) but there is no such option and I cannot find the interface to add this option.

I would like to scrape proxies non-stop and feed to scrapebox for this (autopilot), can you (or anyone kindly assist)? Quite confused by the interface.


  • SvenSven
    >"Use a proxy when testing", for this, what should I select? All?
    > retest;
    please keep it testing all proxies, not just a few special ones.
    I would not limit scraping at all with special proxies or test. The default setup is really the best in my eyes. You just keep it exporting the proxies you need to a file with e.g. GOOGLE as tag. That way you keep it scraping/testing to the max and only export the wanted proxies for scrapebox.
  • thanks @Sven !

    Btw instead of exporting manually, how can I get gsaPS to auto feed the latest proxies to scrapebox?
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    hi Sven, I exported the "working proxies" from GSA PS and tested them in scrapebox, but only 1 out of the above (64) works with google.

  • SvenSven
    Im not sure how Scrapebox loads the proxies. I guess there would be some function to reload proxies from a file but as I don't own that product, I can not help on this. Maybe someone else can jump in.

    All I can say is that GSA Proxy Scraper can save the proxies in intervals.
    Scrapebox doesn't understand CONNECT proxies. So you better use socks or WEB only.
  • @Sven the issue i have is none of the proxies scrapped (from the default sources in PS) are working. I already exported ALL working proxies to SB. Even within PS, they are not Google passed. So Im not sure if my configuration is wrong (using default PS lists and also using ALL tags)
  • @Sven

    Appreciate ur help via PM. I was thinking maybe I share my experience here so that anyone else looking for the same information will find this useful.

    This is the setting UI, yet to do anything about this.

    Provider setting:

    I checked all but as per the prompt by GSA PS, some of the lists are no longer updated for a while so it is probably advisable to skip those when running GSA PS

    For "Automatic export", I set this to 15 mins

    For "Automatic Search", I set this to run every 5 minutes.

    As I only want proxies for "Google scrapping", under "Test Proxies against“, I selected "Anonymous" (this is not an option to ignore based on the system's prompt) and I guess the reason is to ensure the system IP running GSA PS is not leaked. The other option I selected is "Google Search"

    I also set "Re-test also present working proxies" to "only test" Google as I want to ensure all present proxies are working against Google.

    "Automatically remove proxies" when down for more than 11 minutes, since my interval to run this is 5mins, I set this to 11mins such that any proxy which is not working after 2 intervals (5minx 2) will be removed on the third try.

    For the "Filter" setting, for "Accept only if tagged as" I set it to Google as I only want proxies to scrape Google.

    @Sven Was wondering you can let me know if I'm doing anything wrong?

  • SvenSven
    you should accept all proxies, not just google passed ones. You are exporting google passed proxies already as a filter and just save the rest for later use.
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