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remaining targets number wrong...searching query for targets is what i never mentioned

1. it does not calculate the remaining targets at the import target urls at the project level. i have imported URLs form file.

2. running very slow. it took 3 days to complete 24.976 URLS at 400links/per minute setting. no other project running.

3. and GSA not searching with the keywords that i mentioned in the project. In the logs I could not see the word i mentioned in keywords/anchor text to look for related websites to post to.

It looks for "with query "add a comment/cross project data/php version 6.0/asked a question", which i never mentioned as keywords/anchor texts.

Please tell me, is it the problem with software or am i doing something wrong?.

Can you guys please help me to solve it.


  • SvenSven
    edited June 25
    1. I don't know what you mean by that!?
    2. Where exactly do you have a "links per minute" setting? It's as fast as it gets and depends on proxies and network + timeout settings. And also your project options to find and use other targets. It could be that a lot more targets where found and used when running the project.
    3. These are footprints to locate special sites. Your keyword is used only for some engines unless you use an option to always include it.
  • 1. at the project level...i have imported the target URLs.....and as the project is running also...stats about the remaining target urls does not change. Please take a look at the screen shot below.

    2. sorry, it was not 400/links per minute. It is threads 400 threads that i set. and I am running only one project with around 25000 imported URLs...and been running for 4 days. still not completed.

    3. i have been looking at the logs for few hours..I dont see my keywords at all.
  • SvenSven
    1. a project is saved to disk like every 5 minutes. SER reads the remaining target urls from file and so can only show differences after saving. It is not updating the list of URLs if you have it opened and the project works on it.
    3. what engines do you use mainly?
  • 1. Then Its not saving in my case. stats about remaining URLS is not changing.
    3. I am using all engines except fast indexer, URL redirect, track back and ping back.
  • SvenSven
    1. Im sure it does...just close and reopen the dialog (right click->show urls->remaining target urls). Im sure the numbers change over 10 minutes.
    3. The you will 100% see your keywords among certain engines. Especially blog comments.
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