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Panda Bot Clone

@Sven will u consider building something like this? You can probably charge a monthly fee for this to help websites improve the ctr from google and reduce bounce rates.

And seems like there are residential ips available to pull this off


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, but we will not build such things. I find it unethical to fake traffic in any way. And it's easy detectable and will get you in trouble sooner or later.
  • There are a lot of bots on the Internet for CTR manipulation.
    It is complicated to use in my opinion.

    1. You need to find exact volume of needed clicks for exact keyword - too low or too much will not work.
    2. You need to run bot constantly - if you rank with CTR manipulation and stop doing it - you will loose rankings.
    3. You will need all the time Windows VPS and tons of residential proxies for that. Also maybe Google accounts cookies, etc.

    I think with the right setup it can't be detectable.
    If you want do this I think this site is to go for:

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