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[NEW ENGINES] 2 x Web2.0 profiles

Here are another couple of engines from the vault:

Kongregate - gaming portal - DR80 / DA80 / TF72
MDApplicants - medical network - DR24 / DA30 / TF31

Coded a while back but hardly used.



Copy the .ini files from the Engines directory into your Engines directory
Copy the .ico files from the Icons directory into your Icons directory

You may need a human-based service like 2captcha to handle the MDApplicants captcha.


  • SvenSven
    WOW Thanks, We can all be grateful to have you here.
  • Tapez votre commentaireGood morning,
    thank you you are really one of the best of gsa ser!
    I guess sven will integrate this new engine in the next update?
  • SvenSven
    yes unless it's not wanted.
  • Consider anything I post here to be free to be added @Sven
  • Thank You :D  <3 
  • Thank You

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