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Identifying bottlenecks

Hi, GSA SER is running on too few threads. How can I identify the bottlenecks in my setup? 

I'm running my first campaign, with 500 proxies, an anti-captha key and a catchall email box. Still, my threads are running very low, near 0. The program seems to be waiting for something to complete, but if that's the case, it isn't obvious from the standard output what it is that's blocking the operations. 

My options are not selective at all. I was using keywords only mode, and filtering language and country, but now I've disabled all of that to see if the treads would go up and they did, for a few minutes then back to 0-10.

Is that normal? What type of information can I check or provide to get some help?



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    Update: after updating to the latest version the thread ramped up to 500+ for a few minutes. Right now the range is around 10-50 most of the time. I have lots of, "download failed SOCK: Host not found" and "Antigate seems to be down" in the logs... Not sure if that's a clue.
  • Try 16.04 version to see will the threads go down near zero or not.
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    Signs that you may have a bottleneck include:
    1. Long wait times. For example, your work is delayed because you're waiting for a product, a report or more information. ...
    2. Backlogged work. There's too much work piled up at one end of a process, and not enough at the other end.
    3. High stress levels.
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  • I opted to outsource site list, it's an additional cost but I'm saving on the proxies required.
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