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Or find lists with web 2.0

I am looking for web 2.0 list to use in gsa ser ranker .
Can you help me?


  • Thanks sven I'm looking for feedback from users.
    I'm looking for some feedback from users, especially if there is a list of web 2.0 for gsa ser because for the moment I can't find anything.
  • What do you mean by Web 2.0? Web 2.0 websites are websites that users can sign up and post on. That could be anything. 
  • Hello thank you for your answer I think I'm alone here lol

    I'm talking about the web 2.0 that is in gsa ser as an engine.
  • The list is in GSA SER. Those are hard coded websites. You can’t make it do more than what’s there.
  • Hello,
    Thank you for your answer I do not understand?
    I have to have a list myself, I use lsite to make links, I don't use the scrape of gsa.
    Can you explain me how to use web 2.0 with gsa?
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    Web 2.0 engines in SER are hardcoded for specific websites. Article engines are not. That’s why you need a list for article engines etc. 

    Unless you are asking for a list of Web 2.0 like the websites you see hardcoded into SER so you can post to them manually or with some other software?
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