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Half a year GSA SER review and need help.

Hi there,

I have been using GSA SER for half a year and have to say the result doesn't meet my expectation.

I only do seo, no paid ad.

I'm using:

GSA SER + Xevil + dedicated proxies + verified list + guest posts + AI posts + whole website urls

LPM: around 35
VPM: around 5

Here is my traffic changes:

Pls ignore the pointy ones, the website probably under attacked, you know when you are building backlinks by software, you would offend others.

I'm not sure which part i missed or wrong, if you have any ideas pls let me know and maybe SER are not working anymore?



  • you need a contextual tier1, are you guest post your tier1?

  • the articles are related to the website. but only when you build backlinks manually, otherwise you can't have a strong related tier links. Actually i only use top pr website to post the links.
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