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send links to indexer twice

would it be possible to have an option to have the same verified links sent to my indexer services twice...the first time set to submit them all at once immediately...and then the second submission set to submit them all again with the 30 day (or week or whatever timeframe) drip feed option enabled?

maybe with a randomization of the links before subbing the second one?


  • SvenSven
    I think this is an option noone will use. You can however send links manually again via right click on the "show verified urls" dialog.
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  • edited June 2022
    I pay per link for indexing service. So in order to save money if there was going to be a second submission it would be better to build a script with browser automation studio or zennoposter (one is free one is not) to check the links for indexing in google. Then script submits non indexed links to indexing service. This would not take more than 20 minutes to make and will save money if you use expensive indexing services. Run it on a schedule.

    Although, I will add if the link wasn’t indexed the first time or was deindexed you probably won’t have much luck resubmitting. 
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