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[Feature Request] GSA CG - anchor text for authority links

I would like to make a request that a feature be added to GSA CG. Specifically the ability to tell CG how to set the anchor text on authority links. GSA CG already collects the data about how the authority link was found, and the title of the document.
Please add the ability to tell CG to set the anchor text of the authority to link to the keyword that the link was found by the scraper. Setting the anchor text to the title of the document the authority link belongs to would also be very useful.
As of right now I am mostly seeing CG link on a random word found in the URL. Sometimes that is close to a natural anchor for the link, most of the time it's not something someone would use as an anchor text. But 95% of the time the keyword the authority link was found with would be very natural.
Thank you for your consideration!


  • SvenSven
    It actually uses the <title> (spitted up to relevant words) and the keyword used when searching to locate matching positions in your article to place a authority link on.
    Though I have made now some changes for next update which should improve results.
    Thanked by 1the_other_dude
  • Thank you! I'll be glad to see!
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