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Amount of authority links

Is there a way to set the amount of authority links/search results/search result pages to scrape per keyword? In google I usually only want the urls ranking on first page per keyword. sometimes the second page results. I think I'm getting 100 results per keyword but I'm not sure.


  • SvenSven
    Authority links are not only crawled via google. There are some other sources added as well. Maybe thats where it comes from.
  • edited June 2022
    I turn them off but for google. 

    In fact I am not using CG with the wizard. I don’t use the article scraper (right now). I manually scrape authority urls, images, videos from within the software individually because I have different keyword preferences for each. 

    This is why I only want the first page and sometimes the second page for very relevant “authority” links. 

    It’s a complicated process but I see good results when doing this manually without using any software. I’ve just adapted CG to my process in order to save some time. And it’s doing a great job!
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