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Right GSA captcha setup?

SmeklinisSmeklinis XXX
edited June 2022 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I am doing this way:

1. Adding Recaptcha service as additional captcha service in GSA CB - leaving all default - entering only API key + max threads and checking solve only dofollow.

2. Toggling in GSA CB "Other->Recaptcha" to use captcha service.

3. Adding as additional captcha service the same Recaptcha service in GSA SER options - same as in CB and leaving it as second service after GSA CB.

4. In GSA SER project options checking and choosing "Ask user/services in custom order" and in "Edit captcha settings" -
1. GSA CB;
2. Recaptcha service;
and checking solve only dofollow.

The question - is this setup right and does it use Recaptcha's service credits twice?


  • SvenSven
    a) Just make use of the global GSA captcha setup
    b) Never add captcha services to CB when you can add them directly in GSA apps.
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  • SmeklinisSmeklinis XXX
    edited June 2022
    So if I add Recaptcha service in SER - it will be detected and all these kind of captchas will be sent to that service without any settings and changes in CB?
    But how CB will send captchas that it can't solve to this additional service?
    It can solve not only Recaptchas but other types also.
  • SvenSven
    SER will send the captchas to the first service in list and if no proper reply is seen, it will use the next service till one service replies.
    SER also knows that CB can not solve recaptcha and send it to the service that can.
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  • Thanks Sven.
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