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Add additional captcha counter for captchas solved by captcha services

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests

Since most of us use a captcha solving service as a complement to CB, it will be very usefull to have 2 separated counters. 1 for captchas solved by CB and another for captchas solved by the captcha service. With this feature we will be able to know the amount and percentage of solved captchas by CB.

Now we see all the solved captchas together. If i use GSA SER there is no problem since i can set up the second captcha service in the GSA SER options, but if i want to use CB with SENuke for example and i want antigate as second service (Senuke does not support it), i need to check the option "Send to the following service if solving failed" in CB options.

So in the interface we should see :

Recognized By CB : 80/100 80%  and Recognized by Captcha Service 20/100 20%

And if you want you can keep the actual counter too.



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