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Can't Get Captcha Breaker to Work

Got GSA SER and Captcha Breaker both running as admin...both loaded in VPS...but I can't get Catpcha Breaker to do anything at all, even when I click Test from GSA SER it says unable . please help. PS I don't have Captcha breaker running as WebServer.


  • SvenSven
    If both run as admin, it should work just fine. Can you maybe offer access to your system via remote desktop or teamviewer or alike?
  • I sent you a private message 
  • innov8innov8 Ft. Lauderdale
    Same here, I cannot get the GSA capture breaker to work. I am running the website contact and GSA captcha breaker as an admin and it does not look like its talking 
  • SvenSven
    NO! It's not GSA Captcha Breaker you need to run as admin, but GSA Website contact!
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