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Import urls questions

googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
When i go into the main settings, tools, import urls (identify platform and sort in) (I cant tell any difference between this and the option below it (holding site lists)?

When it finishes and pops up that statistics box at the top it says added X urls to site list. Is the site list the global identified list? 

If I just have a raw scraped list I need to there a difference between adding it to gsa this way...versus importing the same list to a specific project that I have setup to identify/submit/verify with the 'use global identified lists' box checked?


  • SvenSven
    Import URLs (identify platform and sort in) << this will take e.g. your file with one url per line and check what engine/platform it belongs to and put it into the appropriate site list file.
    Import URLs (holding site lists) << this will download each url from the source you give it and extract all the URLs linked on it (also text only) and sort it in. A sample are e.g. URLs where a lot of URLs are usually listed one per line.
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