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Checked displaying wrong number

My project is showing Checked and Sent as the same number. It should show the total for Sent and Failed. How do I fix this? Thanks


  • SvenSven
    checked = successfully checked
  • looplineloopline
    edited May 2022
    Website contact does steps. 

    1 - load the website

    2 - check to see if the website needs filtered based on filter settings if it needs filtered its added to filter count if not proceed. 
    2a - if the option is selected and appropriate then the filtered website gets added back to the original count to process - for example if you choose to follow redirect domains.  So it could update the filtered count and still also then the redirect domain can impact the checked, success or failed numbers as well.

    3 -"check" if it can find the contact form and update the checked number

    4 - try and submit to the contact form

    5 - check if the contact form was successful.  If so it goes in success, if not it goes in failed. 

    Thats really basic its more in depth then that and I did not watch this happen in debugger or look at the code, we can do that, but there is no need.  This is just the steps that logically makes sense. 

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