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New to GSA so good evening everyone

PLMPLM Wisconsin
I was using Rankerx but I grew frustrated with. I’m a member of BHW where GSA + content generator are highly, highly recommended. So here I am :smile: 

Already the huge difference is the volume of manuals and threads in the forum. I love learning, so it will be fun.

A question already :smiley: what vps vendor would you recommend? 

Thank you. 


  • cherubcherub
    SolidSEO have been the go-to VPS vendor for GSA products for many years, they have a thread here:
    Hetzner has also been recommended by some power users
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  • I use hetzner, or OVH.
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  • PLMPLM Wisconsin
    Thank you both! I think 2 vCore  4 GB should be good - do I need to go higher in RAM?
  • cherubcherub
    4 GB should be good unless you're planning on running lots of other stuff on there too. SER is 32 bit so will only use about 3GB at max
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  • I agree with 4gb. 4gb is good for new users. Very comfortable. 

    If you're going to be scraping with scrapebox (or something else), running GSA PI to sort your raw scrapes, you might want something with more cpu than the 2 core depending on how many threads you have everything set to use.

    But for the average new user that is simply going to purchase a list, not scrape or sort, etc, 4GB 2 vcores is very comfortable.
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  • AliTabAliTab
    Welcome to the GSA forum. here we have a great and growing community. We try to help each other to get better results.
    So, feel free to ask your questions:)

    Here you can find different services listed:

    Also, I have provided one tutorial which you may find it useful:

    Hope this helps
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  • PLMPLM Wisconsin
    Thank you all, I'll do a bit of scraping, so I ordered a 4 vcores 8Gb of ram - it was on sale if 12 months commit.

    Nice tutorial @AliTab that something (lists) I'll need to understand first... still discover the power of SER and Content Generator.
    Really impressed 
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  • Do not neglect learning SER macros. You will be glad you did later.
  • edited May 2022
    I wasn't going to say anything when you mentioned BHW, but I have not seen anyone recommend SER over there in a long time. In fact, its the opposite. There are several accounts on the newer side that consistently say bad things about the use of SER.

    I might be a conspiracy theorist, but most of the older members have been banned or left for some reason. All of the tutorials about Web 2.0 and SER posting have been taken down from the pinned areas, some deleted. 

    It seems like BHW management is using many accounts and posting false information to make people believe you can't do SEO yourself and you need to buy links from the super crappy public blog networks that are offered in the BHW marketplace. BHW makes money from people selling services. It only makes sense that BHW would consider it self defeating if everyone was buying software like SER instead of multiple PBN services with a monthly subscription. If people were still buying SER etc and being taught how to do their own SEO (like what used to happen on BHW), there wouldn't be as big of a marketplace and as many sellers paying for Jr VIP/BSTs for public blog network links, etc. 

    The best days of BHW are long gone, (unless you got some PBN links to sell of course). That is also what they would have you believe about doing your own SEO as well, with tools like SER. When the reality is there's not much difference between a post made on an article site by SER that has a bunch of other posts about hundreds of other topics, and the public blog networks offered on BHW that are not any different in terms of content/amount of topics.

    Take what you read there with a grain of salt.
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