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Blog Comments and using inurl

spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
I want to use GSA to spam blog comments (only) and I want to use something like Google's inurl parameter to search for specific WordPress sites.
For example:
"inurl: "keyword"
"Leave a reply"

So I am looking to comment only on WordPress sites that are on TLD, and that contain the "keyword" in the URL of the post, and that contain the words "Leave a reply" in the page content.

Would I need to create my own engines to do this with reasonable accuracy or is there another way that I am overlooking....?


  • SvenSven
    you can try using this as keyword in project directly and SER would pick it up and perform the search with that keyword phrase. It would also translate "inurl" to other syntax if required by that search engine.
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  • I would just scrape your list using your inurl queries, then feed it directly to a project with the general blogs engine enabled. It shouldn't need any scripting, just make sure you're not using global lists etc.
  • If you have scrapebox you can filter out domains that don’t have quickly (or anything else not in the url you’d like to filter for) after you scrape your list. Automater plug-in will automate all of that as well for perpetual scraping, filtering, de-dup, etc 
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