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Anyway to import around 80 URLS easily?

Not sure GSA has this function - havent used it in some time.


  • Do you mean target urls or urls you want to build links to?

    Target urls > right click project > import target urls

    Urls to build links to > double click on project > click 'edit' next to url box > import
  • I mean import 100 URLS for the campaign (my client URLS)

    I need to create 100 campaigns all the same with my URLS for each individual client 
  • Hmm, I think through the gui you can set up 1 campaign, then right click > modify project > duplicate > enter 99 in the text box
    ...but then you still have the issue of then having to swap out the urls.

    If you or a colleague has any scripting knowledge you could whip up something to generate all the .prj files, slotting in a different url each time.
  • SvenSven
    No need for scripting skills. When you duplicated the project, you select them all and right click on them -> modify project -> import -> urls -> ...
    You get asked how many urls you want to import and you choose 1 and all available URLs should be spread to the projects.
  • Thank you guys appreciate it :)
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