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Scrape H2?


I am scraping articles from custom url. Content generator does not scrape any headings but for h1. Is there a setting I am missing for it to scrape h2 headings? 



  • SvenSven
    edited May 2022
    you can add H2 in the "keep Tags" option.
  • edited May 2022
    Thank you!

    I’m unsure if CG does this and I know it’s another topic but I hope it’s ok if I ask here:

    is it possible to download all articles from a list of urls that I already have and filter the articles by word count (not keyword in title etc)? I have tried doing this but I don’t get all the articles from my url list.

    I’m not able to get any Wikipedia articles. Does CG scrape Wikipedia?

  • please disregard my question above. I had to disable language checking. 
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