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PLatform Identifier does not want to run

I have stopped a project. When I received confirmation dialog, application broke down. I have restarted computer, but PI does not want to start. 

I have removed PI and reinstall it. I have even removed PI folder. However, application still does not want to start. 

Can anybody help me? Does GSA PI install any hidden file that is preventing PI from starting?


  • here is screen shoot

  • SvenSven
    I have received your bugreport and it's a bit odd to me. The place where it crashed is the part where it should load the proxies. Please try deleting the "proxies.json" file and try to start again.
  • After deleting json, it works like charm :smiley: thanks for help
  • rysioslaw2rysioslaw2
    I had the same problem, solution working :)
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