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GSA SER project files

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hi @Sven

can you share which file contains the verified links of a project (.verify? .success?)

also, what is the format of this file?

we're writing some automation utilities that need this information.



  • SvenSven
    *.success is the one you need. The format is line based with 0xFF as separator.

    URL DATE Engine Category Anchor PR DoFollow IndexFlags ExternalLinks InternalLinks LinkURL AccountID ArticleID LastCheckData Country IP

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    hey @sven,

    what is the structure of the *.articles?

    and, how can we set a project to be active or inactive via the config files (and not from the app gui) ?

  • SvenSven
    format: title 0x01 summary 0x01 body 0x01 id
    You can not start it by modifying the project file.
  • Thanks
    we want to create this .articles file using our tool.
    what is the id? some random value? checksum? 
  • Just a random hex value like 569ADCE1 works fine. In perl I use 
    sprintf("%04X", rand(0xFFFFFFFF))

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  • SvenSven
    it should be a unique id, so maybe use crc32 or some other hash over the body.
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