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Remaining target urls do not load into running project and list doesn't decrease

Hi guys,

Can you please help me understand why in all projects that I run I don't see in log the loading of remaining target urls at all. After few days of running when I check this list it is exactly the same number as was at the start. The only urls I see it is loading is from existing accounts. So if its a fresh project it does load some target urls at start from this list, but then it completely switches to using urls from recently created existing accounts. 

I used a workaround, loaded a lot of accounts from other projects and now it takes urls from them. It sort of works, but now another problem appeared - after running a few hours threads drop to 2 from 150 and freeze at this state, nothing happens anymore. If I click to change from active to inactive - these 2 frozen threads do not end and I have to exit the program to restart.

So in all my years of using the GSA SER this has never happened. I really can't understand why it's happening. 


  • SvenSven
    Without a project backup, I can't really tell much.
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