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if you are importing from dropbox (verified or identified list etc)

can you import from

"folder"  (the main folder that includes folders below it)
so that it would also include all the files & folders within

the files are in the correct format that has been mentioned before.

the files are in

"folder1" & "folder2"


so if you select to import the main (top) folder, then will it get all the files from the folders below it ?


  • bolaplaybolaplay Indonesia
    For me, I did import from the inner folder that contains directly all the txt files, not the folder above it.
  • SvenSven
    you mean options->advanced->tools->import site lists->select type-> <choose folder> ?
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  • Sven said:
    you mean options->advanced->tools->import site lists->select type-> <choose folder> ?

    no, that was'nt the way i was importing from dropbox, i read a previous thread on the forum, & did this
    set up the dropbox list as the "failed" list
    then on each project under "options" select to use "verified" & "failed" (dropbox list)


    so that is why i wanted to use the top (main) folder, so it got the urls from all the lists.

    but i wanted to know the correct way to do it, if its possible to do.

    the way you mentioned above, that only does it once doesnt it ? - not continuously syncing the dropbox lists ?

  • SvenSven
    In latest update you can use custom sites lists. Just make use of that instead.
  • i think we are talking about different things arent we ?

    i have a few different site lists to import through dropbox if possible.

    i want to know if i import everything from the main folder, will it import everything in the folders below that ?

    or how would i do it ?

    i have had coronavirus for a bit & could'nt respond

  • SvenSven
    no recursive import but you can use custom site lists and add several of the folders there.
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