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Verified sitelinks, but SER not really submitting... Why?

wts3849wts3849 US
edited April 2022 in Need Help
Always appreciate amazing products and support.

I am still a newbie in GSA SER. I have spent good 1 month researching for optimal project settings and global options. So I am pretty thorough with all configurations and all other setups are good as well, 

I obtained a good set of verified sitelinks and ran it for 3 days. But SER does not really submit any links. All I got are 4000 redirect links and hardly any others. LPM is under 1 most of the time.

Can someone kindly advise what I might be doing wrong? I will attach some screen captures for your reference.

Any comments greatly appreciated.


  • AliTabAliTab
    I can see that your SER is not loading any new targets. Use more engines in your projects. Also, I recommend using one site lists provider. You can find different site lists provider in BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) section.
    Finally, we have provided one full tutorial which you may find it useful:
  • Great help! I appreciate it! 
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