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What Could Be Wrong?

edited March 2013 in Need Help
A few weeks ago I decided to start my first link pyramid project utilizing GSA for part of it. I picked a long tail keyword that is low in competition and I assumed I would be able to rank well for even if I do a so so job at this. I have a money site with dozens of posts, then I built 15 tier 1 pages (mostly of top high PR web2.0s). All of these 15 tier 1 pages had unique related content, and almost all had only 1 anchor text link linking to my money site (most anchors were my exact keyword). So now I turned to GSA to start building most of my tier 2, I wrote unique content in spin format for all my post information using a mixture of anchor text (tried many different %). I used social bookmarks, social networks, articles, blog comments, documents, web2.0s, some image comments, some microblogs, and I created wiki backlinks in a separate program. As of this moment in total I have about 565 or so tier 2 backlinks pointing to tier 1.

So my problem right now is that I was for sure that at this point I would see my money site ranking for my keyword way high but I thought I would see it in top 10 pages on Google. Maybe I am getting too impatient cuz I know these backlinks can take time to settle, and I probably need a lot more tier 2 backlinks than 565 I'm guessing? I planned originally to do 3 tiers but now I'm wondering if I should keep pushing forward with this project if it's not helping, or maybe I'm just not doing it totally right? Like I said this was my first time, but yeah any recommendations would be appreciated!
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