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Use images as anchor

Hi guys,
Let's see if you can help with this.
I have a website, for products, where each product has its own ( page with descriptions, images, etc.

I want to create a few links to these inner product pages, but I want to do it in a way that an image points to the profile.
I want to do it in/with articles, that is, an article in which an image appears, this is the anchor of a product, pointing to its page.

I have tried this from the "URL" zone:<img src="" alt="Product {Red|New|cheap}" title="{title1|title1|title3}" width="196" height="196" hspace="{15|10|20}" vspace="{15|10|20}" style="float: {none|right|left};">

The percentage of success is very small, 1x100
It is usually resolved with a link to the product url or root domain.
What can influence? The extra code in "img" style title....?

I did a test, putting the urls in the "url" section and the images in the "anchor" section, and it works better, but of course the anchors are random, so the image does not match the url of the product.

How could I do it, if there is a possibility?


  • SvenSven
    If it's a different product, it makes sense having a project for each product Im afraid.
  • Thank you Sven,
    yes it is one of the possibilities that I thought, but since there are many products it makes it a bit more difficult to duplicate all the products, I was looking for the easy way LOL

    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you for the Software, I have it since 2016 and never used it before, but it is wonderful!!!! the immense possibilities it offers! :)

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