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CPU usage 99%

edited March 2013 in Bugs
Status bar shows cpu usage 99%. In earlier versions it was 1 to 10. Is it only for me?


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I don't know, I try to run as many threads as possible to get 99% and memory errors then back off a little.
  • I don't run may threads, only 50, but results are the same even on 100 threads. I have never had memory error, who knows :-?
  • I'm running 400 threads, and it pretty much is always 99% and 1Gb of memory
  • I think something is wrong with the CPU usage counter in GSA. The Windows Task Manager always shows different CPU usage than the GSA counter. GSA SER usually displays 99% CPU usage when it is in fact less than 99% according to the built-in Task Manager tool in Windows.

    I have a multi-core CPU, can GSA SER utilize multiple cores? Maybe GSA SER uses only a single core, hence the difference?
  • TBH as long as SER is posting and utilizing as many threads as it can, I'm not really bothered about it's CPU reporting :-)
  • GSA SER is showing 99% CPU usage while Task Manager is showing around 70% CPU usage.

    Interesting factor is running threads were 0 as projects are already completed. Thread limit set to 500. When these projects were in process, CPU usage was not more than 70% but after everything is completed, it is showing me 99% usage. Is there any backend process going on??

  • I think with CPU counter is everything ok. I can not brows no web page when GSA is working. There is no more computer resource monitoring. :-S
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