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GSA website contact setting things up.

I want to contact 1000 - 5000 websites daily here are the questions.

  1. Do i need a VPS to scrape and contact a) 1000 websites daily? b) 5000 websites daily?
  2. To solve captcha I need to purchase captcha breaker which I have seen you have, is the GSA $147 captcha breaker a life time deal? Will it integrate with GSA website contact seamlessly.
  3. Proxies- Do I need proxies to scrape and contact a) 1000 websites daily b) 5000 contacts daily?

    4-I've seen you have GSA proxy scraper- will this be useful when contacting a)1000 websites daily b) 5000 websites daily? c) is the GSA proxy scraper a lifetime deal d) Will i need a 3rd party proxy provider what do you recommend?


  • looplineloopline
    1 - a home machine is fine, thats a really low number, but a vps is also fine

    2 - yes captcha breaker is lifetime.  yes it integrates seamlessly

    3 - you need proxies to contact 1 website daily so same goes for 1000 or 5000.  As for scraping, you may be able to turn the delay way up and get away with scraping without proxies but since you need proxies for sending/posting, then you might as well use them as they will let you go faster.  PRIVATE proxies are needed, public, scraped, free proxies will harm your success rates on sending.  They are ok for scraping though. 

    4 - Proxy scraper proxies are ok for scraping search engines, but they are not recommended (at least by me and most people) for sending. They can lower success rates, sometimes dramatically, because they die fast and are slow and other reasons.  As for if its lifetime, I suspect it is, but I don't have that prodcut so I don't know @s4nt0s will know.  But I would definitely recommend private proxies for sending. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Henry - GSA PS is the same kind of license as SER, CB, KR, WC, etc. One time fee with free updates. You can see the licensing info at the bottom of the purchase page: :)
  • SukiSuki Nigeria
    @loopline I have a researched list of 100 - 200 website urls. Do I need proxies to send contact form messages to these websites? Secondly, won't a VPN connection suffice in place of a proxy?
  • hey are you seeing any success with gsa contact form?
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