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GSA SER Email Verified Problem

kanekane singapore
I am using cpanel catch all email, and the mail test connection is successful. The mailbox can receive mail normally. The POP3 connection is successful.

The problem is that the GSA SER never seems to open the received email for verification. GSA didn't open the email and actually didn't follow up the registration process and activate using the activation link in my email.

Why is this happening? and how to fix it?

thanks a lot



  • SvenSven
    1. Right click on the project->set status->Active (Verify E-Mails Only)
    2. Start project and paste some log lines from this using
  • kanekane singapore
    I will check like this tomorrow. Thanks
  • SvenSven
    1. 09:57:32: [ ] Checking E-Mail * for links (1318 verifications waiting)...
    2. 09:57:33: [ ] Parsing 3335 E-Mails...
    3. 09:57:35: [+] Found Data for 127 URLs. Now parsing, please wait...

    according to the log I received, it is reading the 3335 emails, finding 127 messages with links to your submissions and also deleting the emails later on.
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