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Many people using this how can I get GSA to post to this?


What platform is this? And how can I get GSA to post to it? It seems like alot of people ranking highly are posting to this platform.


  • Just spend some minutes on any page of this platform, it is very easier to write separate engine for such pages. It will take your 5-10 minutes only.

    Tip: No need to verify links as these pages are highly spammed and it will reduce your submission rate to half if you use verification enabled.
  • how do i write a seperate engine? i know how to code just need to know how to customize gsa to do this
  • Locate SER installation location, there you will find Engines folder, make a copy of any existing Engine and rename it and make changes in it according to your requirement.
  • SvenSven

    @gittar1122 feel free to share this ;)

    As I saw it's again some Asian language, I skipped it to look any further if this is a Guestbook, Article or Comment thing.

  • Yes these are comments basically where too many spammers posting in a day, and outbounds getting increased hundreds of links in one day. I have no problem in sharing it here as I think its not good for everyone due to its nature, but if you think its ok, then I can share it here.
  • SvenSven
    well what type of engine is it? 
  • Check this link:

    It is very difficult to harvest links based on this engine from search engine, I think only way to search using inurl:shownews.asp, there might be other footprints as I am not aware of this Korean or Chinese language.

  • It's Chinese, all these sites use a cms called "泪无痕"(ye I know u can't understand it) :D official website has been invalid don't know since when. Fould a download link of that cms and chrome says it has malware on the page...crap
    I don't mind if we could use this as another comment engine, it has been spammed to hell anyway
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    I agree with thethrowdest for the moment sites using this platform are ranking very high
    there is a site in the payday niche in 2nd position with just 115 of these links according
    to and some pages have as high as 850 obl. So gittar1122 please share
  • @eprofitz

    I'd like to research that payday site, can you share the domain and the keyword you searched to find it?

    You'd be my new hero if you were able to make this and shared it!
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    Hi  TheReaper234

    Check out  for quick loans as an example.

  • Hey gittar1122, can you share the engine script on here please
  • I've seen sites ranking using this platform as well. Share the script if you can please.
  • Guys GSA SER posts to these sites already :)

    I was making some backlinks for tier 2 and there were few of these Chinese sites with /Shownews.asp as verified.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @Nitros, that's because it was added as a result of this thread.
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    Great addition, thanks.
  • @nitros

    "Guys GSA SER posts to these sites already "

    What name is the guest book under in the list in the GSA interface?

  • I am wondering what the name is in GSA? I don't think it has been added...
  • Never mind.. found it "Shownews" in the blogs section
  • i scraped "shownews" links and put these links in gsa but its shows lots of message "already parsed " and " no engine match" in logs and no links building.

    Please suggest what should i do
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    Unfortunatly shownews pretty much died a week or so after being added officially to GSA.  You can even see it on ahrefs logs of sites that were using it. massive link loss the week after it arrived here.

    Seems there are so many GSA users now that any added platform is going to go down from abuse soon after.
  • why are you spamming your links in every thread here? 
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    @medway That sounds about right. So I know how to add new engines but, how does one locate them in the first place? PS: are you from Medway, Kent? I live about 10 miles away.
  • @spunko2010

    digging thru backlinks profiles
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    spunko2010  hunting around basically.  Id recommend adding your own or make your own bots etc... anything requested here won't be usable for long nowadays.  Live in London actually, but from Medway in USA :)
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Ok, thanks. So do you have a paid subscription to  And are these for churn and burn type sites? I'm intrigued about adding my own engines but don't want to get slapped.
  • Yes paid. And yes for that type. Why would you get slapped?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    @medway in case that engine is being hyperspammed by others :) After all if it works for 1 person, there are sure to be others doing it. I suppose I'll try it.
  • You won't get slapped just because others are using it usually.  Unless it's on a massive scale and all the sites go down at once like with shownews.  Trick is to find ones not as many people use.
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