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Machine with basic settings


I have a machine that I don't use, it is idle, and I would like to use it to work with GSA.

Her settings are not the best.


Processor : i5 8th generation
Memory : 8GB
SSD : 250GB
Windows 10

What settings do you guys think I should work with GSA, how many threads.

Can anyone provide me with a hint?



  • sickseosickseo London,UK

    Those are decent specs for running GSA SER. You could definitely run at 300 threads or higher. Speed/vpm will largely depend on your internet speed and proxies. 1gbps internet would be ideal but it's not that common yet in most parts of the world.  Even in the UK, i've only just got 900mbps fibre line and that was a very recent upgrade from 400mbps.

    A 3vcpu vps can handle 500 threads, but your machine is dedicated, even though it's i5 and not i7, I'd expect it to handle 300 threads quite easily. Best to test and see how fast you can push it! 
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