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gsa article

Hi Sven

Please check the index of the new editor, it doesn't work well for me, most of the time it doesn't recognize the tags.

Also, make it simpler when adding h1,h2,h3 tags.

Including a tag in the new editor, is terrible.



  • SvenSven
    what tags do you mean?
    also it's always "terrible" for you and ... so hard words and you never replied to my other messages. a bit more details would help.
  • My English is not very good, so I hope you understand some of the flaws in the words.

    Well, let's go...

    The index does not recognize easily the tags (H1,h2 etc.)

    And when it does, it takes a long time.

    Also, I can't use the tags in the text easily, an editor has too much unnecessary information.

    To write an article, I only need those options marked in red easily.

    The new editor makes it too slow.

    Thanks again for your help, and I hope you understood.

    Don't take my words to mean anything, my English is +-.
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