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dictionary of synonyms

Hi @Sven

Hello Sven,
I have found that the dictionary does not replace words.
Unless I'm mistaken, it's usually the words for which it doesn't find a match in the small text below "" Sorry, nothing found"".
See image capture


  • SvenSven
    What you have here is a list of word-variations for a main-word you see on the far left listing. This is not handled the other way around. You need to add Wix as main word and add the other or click the button "Add Variations as Original Term/Word".
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited March 2022
    @Sven ,

    That's what I did. I created a list of synonyms from the word Wix, with a variation of words

  • SvenSven
    And a sentence with WiX in it is not spinned with that spinner enabled?
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited March 2022
    Yes, insert spin syntax is well activated with the right dictionary.
    And for many words as if I had a problem with the dictionary.

    PS : Unless I am mistaken, in the tab ''output'' the function ''insert html variation'' is no longer clickable since the last version.
  • SvenSven
    Just checked this myself and it worked. Maybe you use a different Spin database than the one you added this "Wix" term to? Also there is an option to not spin words with a capital letter. You might have that enabled?
  • @Sven
    Oops, indeed, I just unchecked the option of the letters in capital
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