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Newbie question: We are evaluating CAPTCHA Breaker

We are currently evaluating the CAPTCHA Breaker after 48 hours of running.

Recognized 288/4974
Send to Service: 7574/7782

We have default config
Running with GSA SER

Any advise?
is this normal?


  • SvenSven
    Your config looks strange. Why not having GSA Captcha Breaker (CB) configured directly inside SER and all the captcha services as well? There is no need to add them to CB. That will only slow things down. You better add them as 2nd and 3rd service to SER.
  • 101sam101sam USA
    edited March 2022
    Ok not sure can you share few screen shoot that we can use as reference?
    This is what setup in GSA SER

  • SvenSven
    so far so add your other captcha services below the GSA Captcha Breaker entry.
    Do a TEST and if all comes back as successful, you are set.
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