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Newbie questions

Not sure I understand the interface
After 72 hours of submitting, I see:

Project 1:
Submitted: 27 Verify: 3
Project 2:
Submitted 38 Verify: 58

The list of last verified: empty

My question:
1. Why so law submission?
2. How do we submit 38 and 58 is verify?
3. Is this the submission rate?

Any advice on where / how to start using GSA SER



  • SvenSven
    the log in SER shows that you
    a) use all search engines? Not a good idea...use your language only or "international" only.
    b) This 000/000 usually means you are not having good proxies. Please check that setup.
  • 101sam101sam USA
    edited February 2022
    Thank you for the search engine tip
    We try to used private proxy but we blocked after few min - can you help to setup to avoid blocking? 
  • SvenSven
    increase the waiting time in options to not get banned easily. 120 sec. should be more than enough.
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