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Error logging in to pop3

edited March 2013 in Bugs
Get err authentication failed logging into pop3.

PW has not been changed. After I logon to the pop3 mail account manually (cpanel) the GSA error goes away.

Why is GSA SER getting an error when password has not changed and I am able to logon to email account?.


  • SvenSven
    So if the login works once in GSA and does not another time (without changing  anything in GSA SER), than it must be some issue on your email account or PC.
  • Doubt is has anything to do with email account because as I said, I am able to use the exact same PW to logon to email account via cpanel.

    It is very strange that after I logon via cpanel, GSA SER works OK. Again the pw has not changed in GSA or on POP3 account.
  • More information. After seeing the pop3 email signin  error, I just retyped the same pw that was already in the profile (GSA email verification screen) it started to work again.

    This is the scenario. I get the error, I retype the pw in field, it starts to work again.
    Get the error msg again and do the same thing to recover, retype the pw and it starts working again.

    I never changed the pw in between the retype and the failure. 
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