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residential IP , IPV4, IPV6 and socks5 IP in GSA

kanekane singapore
edited February 2022 in Need Help

I would like to ask what is the difference in GSA usage between residential IP , IPV4, IPV6 and socks5 IP?



  • kanekane singapore
    My package includes HTTP IP and SOCKS5 IP,
    Which one is better? Should I switch to socks5 IP?
  • SvenSven
    Any proxy is good as long as it's working and not blocked on google I guess ;)
    Most reliable one are SOCK4,5 followed by CONNECT who can also be used for none http(s) traffic like email checking.
    Best working for recaptcha and google in general are ipv6.
  • kanekane singapore
    Your software helped me a lot. Thank you for every time to reply. 
  • kanekane singapore
    edited February 2022
    Hi ,

    I almost bought  all your SEO software. I just saw GSA URL Redirect PRO , but I have not understood what it does. Is it to redirect someone else's website to my website? If so, doesn't this require someone the site owner's authorization? What's the benefit of doing this? and how does it do it? Or is it just a short link tool?  I'm a rookie, I've learned in the forums, but still can't find the answer to many things.

  • SvenSven
    The links it creates are either real URL-Shorteners or URLs where your URL is part of a parameter like
    Most customers use it to hide the money site.
    The PR from that site is carried over to yours if it's a 301, meta (with 1 or 0 seconds) or refresh (http header). So it's also good for SEO
  • kanekane singapore
    I understand. Thank you.
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