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not targets to post to maybe blocked by seaerch engines".

For 3 days SEO GER transmitted only 235 links and then stopped, my proxies are new but they burn very quickly.
And then shows up the following
"not targets to post to maybe blocked by seaerch engines".
Did some one knows why?


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited February 2022
    What are you using as your link source? Paid site lists or scraped site list? Or are you using the software to scrape new targets and post links to. You'll need to use different sets of proxies if you are. Avoid scraping google as your proxies will get blocked instantly. You need thousands of fresh ips to scrape google.

    You can do a proxy test in the software. If they fail, there is your problem. It doesn't takes 3 days for the software to make 235 links. My install can make 235 links in about 30 seconds, not 3 days.

    Site list and proxies seem to be your issue. Doesn't sound like you have a lot of working sites in your list either. Or the software has run through your entire site list already which means you need to reset the campaign and run it again with new emails. Delete target url cache, history and accounts.

    For link submission/verification, you should be using dedicated proxies for best results. Shared private proxies will also do the job and will be cheaper too. If you don't, you'll get a lot of failed submissions/verifications due to non working proxies.

    For scraping you can use public proxies, but they won't work with google scraping.
  • sakis1964sakis1964 denmark greece
    edited February 2022
    Thanks for your answer
    I've private proxies that I also use in Ranker X, with which I indexed 5500 links in an hour yesterday, but with GSA my proxies are blocked. I've run proxy tests with both rankers and get "no working" on both machines, but only for the proxies used by GSA.
    I've created new projects but with the same results.
    I didn't change the catchall emails and I used GSA to find the links for me if that's what you mean by scraping.
    Can you please be a little more specific about the paid site lists?
    Or maybe get a tip for building tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks?
    I'm new to GSA and don't know the secrets yet, I only follow the videos I find online.

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited February 2022
    It sounds like google have blocked them which will just be a temporary thing. When you do a proxy test in gsa ser, don't use google to test them, use bing or proxy judge url.

    Even while google have blocked them, they will still work with gsa ser for link submission/verification, as it's using proxies to access different sites.

    But anything you try with google will show them as blocked/not working. Finding new sites with them and using google as a search engine is blocking them, so disable the google search engines.

    Paid site lists usually contain a mixture of woring and non owkring sites as well as a ton of duplicate ruls and domains. So this all needs to be cleaned and processed with your set up. You can read more about that process over here: In fact, I would probably read that entire thread. We also discuss tiered links in there too.

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