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GSA Active Projects not Running but still say active

edited March 2013 in Bugs
Hey Guys,

Good work with GSA I am loving it! 

I have come across a bug which for some reason stops some of my projects even though they are active and get highlighted in grey. I have many projects running as you can see and random projects just stop running. If I select a project that is greyed (one that stopped running but still says active) and make it inactive then switch it back to active again, all the projects begin to run again (turn green) and then some random projects stop running. The random projects that stop running still say active and are in grey as you can see the screenshot below. 

I run and seo company and need your urgent help for this!




  • SvenSven
    This is usually for too much mem usage. Thought he screenshot shows a low amount. All I ca offer is having that same projects run on my PC and check it in the debuger. Please send me the project backup and maybe the setting backup.
  • Thanks friend I am also running 3,000 threads but my VPS is fast. 1 Gig per second bandwidth, quad core 2 ghz, and 4gb memory.
  • SvenSven
    OK 3000 you ask me why it is not working? Please don't send me a project backup. It's just too much memory usage than.
  • sven u rok thanks!!!!!!! how many threads you recommend? i put it down to 100. will close this thread after
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, there is no recommended number. But I wouldn't use more than 300 ever! Just watch the memory usage and make sure it stays under 1GB!?
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