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PR Emulator

asd111asd111 US
edited February 2022 in GSA PR Emulator
Hi @Sven,

Am wondering what is the difference between the GSA PR Emulator and the current GSA SER PR Filters/Settings?

Right now I have set SER using Google PR - Has to be emulated and using AlexaTrafficRank on the PR Emulator. Perfomance wise, would it be the same if I used the same filters in GSA SER with the PR Emulator?

I think I am helping SER by offloading some work to PR Emulator, is this the right approach?


  • SvenSven
    You can skip PR Emulator now as it's part of SER. Using it inside SER would speed things up.
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  • @Sven If I use it the PR feature within GSA SER (instead of using PR Emulator in parallel), do I need to check Options-->Submission-->PR Checking (Private/Public)?

    How does the PR cache work and where is the file for it? This way I can check if the file does indeed get larger as I run through lists.
  • SvenSven
    - No need to use proxies for PR
    - PR Cache is added to the URL when saved in site lists as URL|PR
  • @Sven I already have sitelists but they dont have PR. If I use the following settings, will it add the PR to the URL or adding PR only gets done when building sitelists.

  • SvenSven
    the pr is gathered before submission if you use pr filters and when it is verified
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