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How to Use RECAPTCHA with GSA Breaker?

Hi all, 
        I have been building links with GSA for last 6 months regularly. Its been effective but there is one thing that's bothering me. I operate in different niches. While the easy niche does not need much of my attention and keywords are ranking steadily. The tough niche with competitors being superheavy with backlinking is where I am yet to see very good results since I can't use their links because most of these forums/articles sites use RECAPTCHA and my competitors are mostly making backlinks manually on these sites. How can i automate this process? Sharing my linking strategy so you can better advise me: 
GSA Ranker
Link Lists From Vendors 
Links Lists Exported Manually From Top Competitors Of My Niche (this is where most of quality links get skipped)

Plz advise free or cheap solutions and help me beat my competition or at level them asap. :) Thanks all.    


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