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Is HEX code in the link urls ok to submit to Google with?

I notice that GSA SER produces the link list with the urls containing HEX code

e.g. %3Fv%3D

I would have thought it would have produced the url in ASCII?

e.g. ?v=

Do I need to convert the urls to ascii format before I try and index them or is it okay to leave them in hex format?

Thank you


  • SvenSven
    The urlencode is only happening for "=" and "?" if the content is part of another URL parameter like an URL within an URL. Maybe you can give a full sample or screenshot?
  • Here are a few examples at the end of this post.

    So is it ok to submit these urls to Googlebot as they are encoded in hex? Note only some links generated by GSA SER contain hex code most do not.

    I use different services to index urls including Google indexing api and 301 redirection from a url in ascii only code and I am not sure whether it is ok to mix ascii with hex?!

    https://LINK-CONTAINING-HEX-CODE straight from GSA SER

    or should I decode myself after GSA SER and before submitting

    or are both forms of urls acceptable to Google for indexing?  Hopefully i can just index the urls straight from GSA SER?

    I notice that Chrome automatically converts these urls into foreign language text in the displayed address bar so I am hoping that Googlebot does accept them??

  • SvenSven
    that perfectly fine to use urlencode. Nothing to worry about.

  • OK thank you.
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